TNG 13.x Upgrade

(From v.11.x )

Installation Instructions

  1. Back up settings and custom files, other preparation.   |   Show instructions

  2. Uninstall all mods.   |   Show instructions

  3. Upload the files and folders.   |   Show instructions

  4. Open this readme file from your site.   |   Show instructions

  5. "Special" Files   |   Show instructions

  6. Templates   |   Show instructions

  7. Update the database structure.   |   Show instructions

  8. Convert image maps.   |   Show instructions

  9. Clear your cache.   |   Show instructions


  1. If you have your config files in a different folder, please copy the pedconfig.php file included with this upgrade into that folder, overwriting the existing file with that name.
  2. Depending on the template you're using, you may have some new links or paragraphs on your home page. Go to the Template Settings to customize these (or blank them out if you want to remove them).
  3. If you are using the Mod Manager (or might use it in the future), go to Admin/Mod Manager and run the Recommended Updates script to update you cust_text.php files.

The update should be complete. You did it! If anything doesn't look right, please try the following before asking for support:

  1. Review all the instructions again. Make sure you didn't miss something!
  2. Try clearing your browser cache again, then refresh the page.
  3. Repeat any step(s) you think you may have missed. You can't break anything by doing it again.

Convenience Links:
Go to your home page
Go to the Admin menu (address is now "admin.php" instead of "admin/index.php")